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Flight instructing is still one of the primary sources of entry-level employment in the Canadian aviation industry. It is a common stepping-stone for many new commercial pilots as a way to build pilot-in-command (PIC) time quickly and develop a more thorough understanding of flight operations. Discovery Aviation Academy has established itself as the go-to school in Ontario to obtain a Flight Instructor Rating. Our focus is on providing quick, straight-forward, and high quality training to allow graduates to easily transition to employment as a Flight Instructor. Being part of the MAG Aerospace network also allows for exposure to the aviation industry and the opportunity for advancement within one of the fastest growing specialty aviation operators in Northn America.

Quick Facts

  • Proven track record of finishing an instructor rating in under two months
  • 88% of graduates found employment as a flight instructor within 6 months
  • Over 20 flight instructor ratings completed since 2011


Title:   Flight Instructor Rating
Prerequisites:   Commercial Pilot Licence
Schedule:   Part-Time or Full-Time
Intake:   Continuous
Duration:   Dependent on Student Schedule
Cost:   Approximately $8,500


Before commencing ground school instruction for the Class 4 Instructor Rating, an applicant shall have successfully completed the written examination and flight test for the Commercial Pilot Licence.

Before commencing flight training toward the Class 4 Instructor Rating, an applicant shall hold a Commercial or Airline Transport Licence.

To be eligible for admission, applicants must:
  • Hold a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent
  • Hold a current, valid Category 1 Canadian Aviation Medical Certificate
  • Be 18 years of age or older

Schedule and Duration

The Flight Instructor Rating may be taken part-time or full-time, however a full-time schedule is encouraged for candidates to minimize costs and get the most out of the program. Under a full-time schedule, the candidate would conduct ground and air lessons with the Class 1 instructor at least 4-5 times week. Outside of that time with the Class 1 instructor, candidates are expected to spend full days at DAA to study and create lesson plans. Under an intense, full-time schedule candidates are able to finish their instructor rating in less than two months.

Advanced Standing

Applicants who have partially completed training toward a Flight Instructor Rating at another flight school may be credited advanced standing in accordance with Transport Canada regulations and at the discretion of the Chief Flight Instructor.

Program of Study

The Flight Instructor Rating consists of two main components: Ground and In-Flight.

Ground Training
This component consists of 25 hours of ground training which has the candidate learning how to conduct Preparatory Ground Instruction (PGI) as well as preparing for the Transport Canada written examination. The training follows through the Flight Instructor Guide and Flight Training Manual through a typical student’s progress toward their Private or Commercial Pilot Licence. During this training, the Class 1 instructor simulates the actions of many student behaviours from nervousness to overconfidence. The Flight Instructor Rating program requires a significant amount of self-study as the candidate prepares their PGI lesson plans for upcoming sessions.

In-Flight Training
Concurrently with the ground training component, a candidate will also go through 30 hours of dual flight training. Similar to what was covered on the ground, the Class 1 instructor will simulate a Private or Commercial Pilot student as the candidate learns how to apply proper instructional techniques. By the end of the training, the candidate will be well prepared for the Transport Canada flight test as well as having a thorough understanding of the duties and requirements of a Class 4 Flight Instructor.


Enrollment for this program is continuous, meaning candidates can start flight training toward the Flight Instructor Rating at any time. Although most candidates choose to take the Flight Instructor Rating program one-on-one, we have also had success running the ground training sessions in groups of 2-3. This allows candidates a collaborative learning environment where they can learn from the successes and mistakes of one another. For group training to work effectively, the students must start at the same time and keep up at the same pace of training.


DAA has contacts with a number of short-term accommodations near the airport that Flight Instructor candidates have used in the past. The typical arrangement available is a fully-furnished private room for rent in a house with a shared kitchen and bathroom. The rooms range from $400-700 per month available on a short-term timeframe.

Apply to train with DAA

If you are interested in learning more about DAA or would like to start your training with us please contact us using one of the methods listed below:

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