"...An amazing summer"
First of all I'd like to thank Discovery Aviation Academy for an amazing summer. It was truly a gift to train and receive my Private Pilot License with Discovery. I'd like to thank Mr. Fogg and Mr. Neumann for putting together an awesome course for the Air Cadets. The course and all of its expectations were concise and thoroughly laid out. Having the whole course and all other materials together in one place was an excellent idea, and thoroughly appreciated by all the Cadets. The ground school portion was very well done and there were many efforts put forth to ensure that all cadets understood the content to the fullest. Due to the amount of information being taught in such a short amount of time, at times it could be a lot to take in. The quizzes and tests were an excellent way to prepare for the TC exam. The Discovery instructors did an amazing job training the Air Cadets in such a short amount of time. The flight training was very good and the instructors put in a great deal of effort and professionalism. All the instructors were very knowledgeable and were a pleasure to train with. Overall, a great summer experience with DAA!

S.K., Air Cadet Student 2013

"...Positive effect on the learning experience"
I like the use of humour, alternate examples, videos, and demonstrations with props. Problem scenarios have been helpful as we've had to use the information just learned to solve a problem. This makes it less of a memorizing thing. Examples of personal experiences also have a really positive effect on the learning experience. 

H.R., PPL Ground School Student 2011