C337 Aerial.jpg

...that DAA is registered as a Private Career College (PCC) under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005? All flight schools offering a Commercial Pilot License or Flight Instructor Rating must be registered as a PCC. DAA is one of the only schools in Northern Ontario, and the only school in Sudbury, approved to offer both these programs.

... that DAA conducts some of its multi-engine training using the Cessna 337 Skymaster? Within our Fire division, we operate 19 Skymasters making us the largest operator of Skymasters in Canada, and one of the largest in all of North America. A variant of the C337 called the O-2 was used extensively for reconnaisaince during the Vietnam War. Its high-wing, push-pull design offers great visibility which makes it the perfect aircraft for forest fire detection at Discovery Air Fire Services.

... that DAA operates out of a modern facility constructed in 2015? Located at the Greater Sudbury Airport (CYSB) the building has plenty of office and classroom space and a 20,000+ square foot hangar floor. DAA also has its own Approved Maintenance Organization to conduct all of its maintenance in house.

... that you don't need perfect vision to become a pilot? That's an old myth, and is not true at all. To become a pilot your vision needs to be 20/30 but you are free to wear contacts or eyeglasses.

... that there is no age limit to start learning how to fly? You can start your training at any age, whether you are in your teens or in your sixties. You could even go solo before getting your driver's licence.