Commitment to Our Students’ Career Progression

Discovery Aviation Academy is 100% committed to our students’ career progression from the moment they step in the door until their career aspirations are met. Even before Discovery Aviation Academy was opened, we were already known as an important part of many pilots’ careers through our parent company, Discovery Air Fire Services.

Fire Detection Pilot – Discovery Air Fire Services

Over the years the Fire Detection Pilot position has served as a key stepping-stone in many pilots’ careers. Countless aviators have come to Discovery Air Fire Services from a previous position as a flight instructor to build Northern experience and valuable multi-engine pilot-in-command time. In the years since 2007 alone, Discovery Air Fire Services has hired more than 100 pilots, who have gained the experience and skills needed to progress to commercial airlines such as Bearskin Airlines, Air Georgian, and Porter Airlines.


My time spent flying for Discovery Air Fire Services proved to be an invaluable experience for myself, and also an important stepping stone in my aviation career. While flying as a detection pilot I was not only able to further develop my flying skills, but I was also able to gain valuable Multi-engine PIC time, as well as northern flying experience. Once the fire season had ended the management of Discovery Air Fire Services was instrumental in helping me realize my aviation goals. Lifelong relationships, and connections with others involved in aviation were made, making my time with Discovery Air Fire Services a positive experience to say the least. A career beginning with Discovery Air was definitely a great opportunity for me.

Troy Chute
First Officer with Bearskin Airlines

Discovery Air Fire Services was a company I had sought to work for since I first found out about them through my first mentors in aviation, my flight instructors. They give the rare opportunity to fly Pilot In Command(PIC) of a twin engine aircraft and build valuable experience that is highly demanded by companies around Canada. They provide excellent training, build strong customer service skills, and safe flight conditions all while increasing flying skills. I believe my two seasons spent have increased my flying skills and pilot decision making in many different aspects that helped me achieve my future aviation goals. My career path after Discovery Air Fire Services lead me to first officer on a Metroliner for Bearskin Airlines, followed by captain on a Learjet 35 for Skyservice, and now finally Embraer first officer for Air Canada. These jobs were made possibly only by the hundreds of hours of PIC time provided, but most importantly by the networking opportunity from many friendships I made while working here. Being apart of the team at Discovery Air Fire Services was and still is one of the highlights of my aviation career. Many thanks to everyone here in the past and present that make it the great place it has known to be in aviation.

Swedeek Shemsedeen
First Officer with Air Canada

Co-Op Positions

As an option within the Career Pilot Program, students will be able to spend their summer building valuable experience within the aviation industry. An example of the type of positions that will be available is the Aerial Detection Observer with Discovery Air Fire Services. Aerial Detection Observers work as a team with DAFS Fire Detection Pilots as an integral part of Forest Fire and Emergency Services in Ontario. Flying in the right seat of the Cessna 337 Skymaster, Aerial Detection Observers support the process by helping spot fires. In Northern Ontario, aerial detection provides coverage in those areas seldom accessed by the public. Observers provide detailed and accurate fire information which is important to aid in the decision making process regarding dispatch of suppression resources to the fire.